Recreation Solutions

Recreation Solutions

Out-of-the-box programming for overall wellness.


Finding solutions through recreation.

That's right. Solutions do not have to be arduous and boring. Recreation Solutions provides recreational programming that supports individuals and families with out-of-the-box recreation programming that works serving a wide variety of needs including anxiety, depression, social integration, behavior problems, communication, and self concept. There are many program options for those that are at high risk and usually at a premium price. We serve those who need affordable help that are NOT in crisis or at high risk but need guidance and solutions for living a life of overall wellness so they never get to crisis mode. We tailor to your personal needs.




Locations vary depending on the program.



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Youth Summer Bouldering

Join us for one or all our summer sessions for bouldering at the Momentum Climbing Gym located in Lehi. Each session meets for 2 hours each time. Our facilitator ensures that each participant reaches there mental, emotional and physical goals through individualized programming. Through participation in this program a participant can be supported with social skills, anxiety, coping skills, stress and anger management, and other skills needed to navigate life. Want something closer to you? Let us know. We can bring the program to your area.

One on One Sessions

Would you prefer private recreation programming sessions? Work individually to get the focused attention and work that you are looking for.

Youth Hiking Camp

Need to unplug? This fall, Recreation Solutions will provide a hiking experience like no other. While exploring the trails of Utah, participants will be taught and experience being "unplugged" and "in the moment" as well as learn to navigate each hike using a map and compass, wildlife and hiking safety to support them through the journey. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to work with our facilitator on individualized goals.

Family Recreation Therapy

Families playing and working through real life situations with the getting great insights and solutions to working together as a team and how to support one another.

Family Camps

Come learn together in the great outdoors. Try a variety of outdoor recreational activities, campfires and time in nature with your family nurturing relationships.

strengthening couples

Find solutions as a couple working together through recreation programming.

Corporate Events

Unify your team and boost employee moral with our individually designed corporate events that tailor to your business's specific goals.


Stand out from the crowd, be yourself.
— Stephen Richards


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